2 Mar 2023

Sitecore Product Support and Lifecycle | Konabos

As of December 31, 2022, all Sitecore versions 9.3 and older have reached end-of-life. Avoid costly website outages and sleep better at night with Konabos Sitecore Support.

13 Jul 2022

Ongoing Technical and Marketing Operations Support | Konabos

The Konabos team supports your team with ongoing technical and marketing operations support long after the production deployments are done, and the celebrations are over.

9 Sep 2022

Website Search Experiences | Konabos

Design and implement a superior search experience for your customers and greater engagement insights. Improving your site search experience drives engagement and conversions.

Latest News

14 Mar 2023

Mike & Vaishali Presenting at SUGCON Europe 2023 | Konabos

Several Konabos team members will be at SUGCON Europe including our Director of Technology, Mike Edwards, and Customer Experience Analyst, Vaishali Dialani, who will be presenting!

2 Feb 2023

Six Konabos Team Members win 2023 Sitecore Most Valuable Professional Award | Konabos

Six Konabos team members have been awarded a Sitecore MVP in 2023! Read more about what this phenomenal achievement means to us.

31 Oct 2022

Kamruz Jaman, Recipient of Ten-Time Sitecore MVP Award | Konabos

Kamruz Jaman received his tenth Sitecore MVP Award at Sitecore Symposium 2022 in Chicago. We interviewed Kamruz about what this award meant to him and the future of Sitecore.

Latest Blogs

26 Jun 2024

Maximizing Personalization with Sitecore: Tips and Best Practices | Konabos

Personalization has become a key differentiator for businesses aiming to enhance their customer experience in the digital age.

15 Mar 2024

Optimizing Customer Journeys with Sitecores Path Analyzer | Konabos

Sitecore Path Analyzer is a tool that offers visual representation of customer journeys, user behavior, touchpoints, drop-off points, and effectiveness of different paths.

5 Mar 2024

Sitecore Components Level Testing | Konabos

Explore the importance of testing these modular units and discover a step-by-step guide for effective testing strategies in the Sitecore component world.

Latest Videos

2 May 2024

SUGCON EU 2024 | New Sitecore CEO, SITECORE XP 10.4 & The Future of Sitecore | Konabos

5 Jul 2024

Akshay Sura: How to be a Sitecore architect in a Composable DXP world | Konabos

22 Jul 2022

Is it too risky to move to the first release of Sitecore XM Cloud? | Konabos

In this video, Konabos Partners and multiple-time Sitecore MVPs, Akshay Sura & Kamruz Jaman discuss if it is too risky to move to the first release of Sitecore XM Cloud.