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Has your Sitecore version reached end-of-life (EOL) for support? Avoid costly website outages and sleep better at night with Konabos Sitecore Support for your EOL products.

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Sitecore Product Support Lifecycle Table

The rapid advancement of technology is probably the greatest reason products reach the end of their lifecycle. Not all products need to be upgraded or "officially" supported by the vendor to be used. However, having the latest version of the software does have benefits. If you are considering a Sitecore Upgrade or are in the middle of one, and need assistance, let us know how we can help.

ProductInitial Release DateMainstream Support End DateExtended Support End DateSustaining Support End Date
Sitecore 10.3Dec 202231-Dec-202531-Dec-202831-Dec-2030
Sitecore 10.2Nov 202131-Dec-202431-Dec-202731-Dec-2029
Sitecore 10.1Feb 202131-Dec-202331-Dec-202631-Dec-2028
Sitecore 10.0Aug 202031-Dec-202331-Dec-202631-Dec-2028
Sitecore 9.3Nov 201931-Dec-202231-Dec-202531-Dec-2027
Sitecore 9.2Jul 201931-Dec-202231-Dec-202531-Dec-2027
Sitecore 9.1Nov 201831-Dec-202131-Dec-202431-Dec-2026
Sitecore 9.0Oct 201731-Dec-202031-Dec-202331-Dec-2025
Sitecore 8.2Aug 201631-Dec-201931-Dec-202231-Dec-2024
Sitecore 8.1Oct 201531-Dec-201831-Dec-202231-Dec-2023
Sitecore 8.0Dec 201431-Dec-201831-Dec-202231-Dec-2023
Sitecore 7.5Oct 201431-Dec-201731-Dec-2020*31-Dec-2022
Sitecore 7.2Feb 201431-Dec-201731-Dec-2020*31-Dec-2022
Sitecore 7.1Sep 201331-Dec-201631-Dec-201931-Dec-2021
Sitecore 7.0Apr 201331-Dec-201631-Dec-201931-Dec-2021
Sitecore 6.6Sep 201231-Dec-201531-Dec-201831-Dec-2020
Sitecore 6.5Jun 201130-Jun-201531-Dec-201731-Dec-2020
Sitecore 6.4Oct 201030-Jun-201531-Dec-201631-Dec-2020
Sitecore 6.3Jul 201030-Jun-201531-Dec-201631-Dec-2020
Sitecore 6.2Oct 200930-Jun-201531-Dec-201531-Dec-2020
Sitecore 6.1Jun 200930-Jun-201531-Dec-201531-Dec-2020
Sitecore 6.0Jun 200830-Jun-201530-Jun-201531-Dec-2016
Sitecore 5.32006--30-Jun-2015
Sitecore 5.22006--30-Jun-2015
Sitecore 5.12005--30-Jun-2015
Sitecore 4.32004--30-Jun-2015

The above table and additional Sitecore Product Lifecycle timelines can be found on Sitecore's website.

Don't lose sleep or 'go it alone'. Konabos is here for you.

As of December 31, 2022, all Sitecore versions 9.3 and older are no longer under Sitecore mainstream support. Not to worry, Konabos has Sitecore MVPs ready to assist with ongoing developer, technical, content management, and marketing operations support.

Sitecore Support engagements are retainer-based with a monthly renewable bucket of hours based on your organization's specific needs. Konabos will also proactively recommend incremental improvements to your solution, so every minute of your support retainer is used productively. Read this amazing Case Study of how Konabos improved Sitecore performance by 96 percent!

Overwhelmed teams can use their Sitecore support hours to troubleshoot and remedy issues or add more resource capacity to complete their initiatives/projects on time. Here are a few more ways that Konabos Support can benefit your organization:

  • Shorter wait times and quicker remedies by multi-year Sitecore MVPs
  • Sitecore website troubleshooting, problem diagnosis, and resolution.
  • Sitecore training and coaching for content authors, developers, and administrators.
  • Team continuity, Sitecore solution stability, and project productivity.

Sitecore Support Highlights

Global, 24/7 Sitecore Support

Konabos is a global digital transformation agency with offices and team members ready to support you around the clock, 24/7, 365 days per year. Experience the advantage of having a support response in less than an hour. No more waiting days to hear from a vendor or weeks to receive a resolution. Konabos is attentive, skilled, and experienced.

Sitecore Audit

A Sitecore Audit can resolve a significant amount of pain for organizations that are struggling with their Sitecore solution. The pain can manifest in various ways, such as slow performance, inconsistent content, broken functionality, inability to use Sitecore marketing features, and security vulnerabilities. A Konabos Sitecore Audit can identify the root causes and improve the overall health of your Sitecore implementation.

Sitecore Upgrade

Upgrading Sitecore can provide significant benefits in terms of security, performance, functionality, and technical debt reduction, making it a worthwhile investment for many organizations. If the complexity and cost of a Sitecore upgrade or maintaining your existing version has you perplexed, let Konabos help bring clarity and lighten the load.

Sitecore Performance Tuning

Sitecore performance tuning can resolve slow page load times, unresponsive user interfaces, and frequent errors or crashes. Konabos' Sitecore performance tuning techniques identify the underlying root causes of these issues, such as inefficient code, database performance problems, Sitecore caching, or infrastructure bottlenecks.

Sitecore Quick Wins for Every Content Manager & Marketer

Forget theory, let’s dig in together and implement experiences that benefit your visitors and your organization. Our team will work alongside yours, to execute marketing automation, AB Testing, and Sitecore personalization easily and immediately. Let's take simple steps toward more Sitecore ROI in literally just a few minutes.

Training in each version of Sitecore

Our programs were created by coaches and instructors with decades of Sitecore knowledge and experience from versions 5.x to the current 10.x version. Konabos Sitecore training resolves the pain of inadequate user knowledge and utilization of the Sitecore platform. This can result in low adoption rates, inefficient content management workflows, and missed opportunities for personalized customer experiences.

Konabos Sitecore Support SLA Targets

Sitecore application support is provided during regular business hours, 9 am to 5 pm EST, Monday to Friday, with the following target response times, as indicated in the table below. Global, 24/7 Premium Sitecore Support is also available upon request.

SeverityResponse TimeResolution TimeSLA Target
Level 1 (high)      30 minutes4 hours90%
Level 21 hour8 hours85%
Level 31 business day2 business days85%
Level 4 (low)2 business days5 business days85%

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