Senior Solutions Architect

Lukasz Skowroński

I am a technology leader experienced in developing Sitecore-based solutions and making teams work better in all aspects, not only in terms of code and delivery. I believe my superpower is that I am able to quickly notice where problems in the team or organization exist which helps me better use my skills to support the customers on the path to their success. These days I am more focused on the architecture of solutions and the evaluation of the tools that are best for each of our projects.

Photo of Lukasz


I have been awarded with the Sitecore MVP award seven times (the first time in 2017) for my continued support of the Sitecore Community. Besides blogging, as a Sitecore Community member, I organize all of the Sitecore User Group meetups in Poland. Since 2021 I have helped to organize the Sitecore User Group Conference (SUGCON) as one of the co-organizers.