Are you a CMO looking to accelerate sales conversions, differentiate your value proposition, or extract more value from your personas/customer journeys?

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Where great digital customer experiences begin

We believe that a great Digital Customer Experience begins with aligning your organization's mission and strategy with a testable scientific approach centred around a data-informed understanding of the customer.

Integrated DX Program Planning

Most companies today are in the midst of a digital transformation and often find themselves slowed by poor planning, coordination, and limited resources.

We get it. There are many moving parts and stakeholders, and that is where Integrated DX Program Planning comes to the rescue.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Our experienced transformation architects can help you organize your DX program, end-to-end. We follow best practices and bring the right people to the table to align on the “why” and provide oversight to ensure your digital transformation/DX program runs smoothly and successfully.

What We Offer

Market & Customer Research

Sometimes, it's hard to see the forest for the trees. Konabos helps you discover more about your customers and find unique insights your competition missed.

Customer Journey Mapping

Step into your customer's shoes and see your business from the customer's perspective at each step from awareness & interest to purchase & advocacy. Make the most of every customer encounter.

Customer Data Architecture

Align your sales & marketing data, target the right prospects with precision and accuracy, and unify data across silos to build a complete customer profile to boost relevant messaging and profitability.

Personalized Content Strategy

Create content that is unique, relevant, and personalized for your visitors. Konabos helps you deliver digital experiences quickly and assemple workflows to automate and improve campaigns, increase conversion rates, and grow engagement.

Marketing Campaign & Automation

Strategic marketing campaigns with marketing automation is a powerful way to "personally" engage customers at scale. Konabos can help you navigate the dozens of tools and governance policies you will need to consider when scaling.

Analytics & Optimization

Are you getting maximum value from your Google Analytics implementation? Are you looking for an SEO agency that can help your business grow online? Konabos has experienced search engine optimization, content producers, and strategists ready to assist. 

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