Training & Coaching

Whether you're moving to a new stack or are looking to upskill your team's capabilities with the latest learnings and best practices, we'd be glad to work with you to create a program that goes beyond mere training courses.

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Get the feeling that your team may be in over their heads?

The Konabos Coaching approach starts with a discussion about the work that you've got on your plate right now.  We'll then assess your team's skills, identify gaps in their knowledge, and will work alongside them come game time to ensure you're successful.

Additional benefits for organizations with an LMS

If you have an in-house Learning Management System (LMS), the following two unique benefits aid in the future onboarding of staff self-paced, and knowledge transfer, more consistent.

  • LMS module creation & recording of facilitated sessions
  • Ongoing updates to modules and materials to keep pace with Sitecore patches and upgrades

What We Offer

Content Managers & Marketers

Konabos understands the unique needs of both content managers and digital marketers and delivers specialized and real-world content that is easy to grasp.

Architecture & Development

Accurate and fast delivery of software development projects hinges on the experience of solution architects and developers. Connect your team with a Konabos coach and get better, faster results.

Sitecore, Kontent by Kentico, Contentful

When it comes to enterprise-level, digital experience platforms, we've got you covered. Our skilled instructors help you get the most out of Sitecore, Kontent by Kentico, and Contentful, to name just a few.

Composable Jamstack Implementation

Struggling to transition from monolith and implement composable, headless and Jamstack solutions? Connect with our skilled and experienced team and we'll coach you through the rough patches.

In-Context, Project-Based Coaching

We approach training and coaching differently. We work with your team to understand their pain points. We then design a program that fills the knowledge gap using practical work activities your team performs daily.

Agency Partners Welcome

At Konabos, we play nice with others and welcome strategic partnerships for mutual success and growth. Your projects and clients are always handled with care and fairness. Let's explore the possibilities together.

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