We love building solutions, and it shows with each successfully delivered project. Our growing team of web & application developers, UI/UX, QA, BA, and project managers are always learning so we can continue to help clients like you achieve your business and technology objectives.

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A team that's dedicated to, and right-sized for your project

Your implementation will be led by seasoned Solution Architects and Solution Producers working with developers and testers from our global network to form a Konabos team that's dedicated to and right-sized for your project or ongoing agile program.

Digital Customer Experience implementation solutions, architected & built right

Effective Digital Customer Experience (DCX) solutions begin with a solid understanding of the intersection of business goals, customer journeys, and the technical capabilities of myriad Digital Experience Platform (DXP) options. Making the right choices and architecting the right solution is a daunting task that requires expertise across all of these areas. Konabos’ multi-disciplinary team of CX Architects, Solution Architects, UX/UI Designers, and Developers are here to provide your team with the expertise, broad-ranging experience, and resource firepower you’ll need to be able to deliver outstanding DCX Solutions with confidence.

What We Offer

Agile Implementation Teams

Konabos Agile implementation teams are comprised of cross-functional professionals. Our teams have everything, and everyone, necessary to produce a working, tested increment of a product, business solution, technical feature, or process.

Web & Mobile Development

Konabos works with a diverse portfolio of clients in the enterprise, local and global business sectors to create cutting-edge web-based and mobile-based applications that truly stand out in a world where user expectations are at an all time high.

Enterprise Systems Integration

The field of enterprise systems integration is constantly evolving, as every new technology that is introduced appears to cause a ripple effect throughout many organizations, making it necessary to connect new systems to existing ones in order to share and communicate information effectively.

Microservice & API Development

Konabos professionals can help you build scalable microservice architectures to future-proof your business giving it the agility to scale effortlessly. Transform your business with intelligent microservices and custom API development solutions.

Composable & All-In-One DXP Implementation

Composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) approaches are those that utilize a microservice-based architecture and Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies to build out much more modular, cost-effective, and flexible platforms that deliver best-of-breed capabilities while preventing vendor-lock.

Sitecore Content Hub Data Migration Service

Organizations need to deliver personalized and fresh experiences to diverse customer segments, across multiple channels. It demands content agility at scale, but, if you’re like most organizations, you’re probably still planning your content work in spreadsheets or e-mail, wondering, “which folder is that image in again?”

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