You don't have to go it alone once the production deployments are done, and the celebrations are over. The Konabos team is here to support your team with ongoing technical and marketing operations support.

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Don't go it alone. Konabos is here for you.

Support engagements are typically retainer-based with a monthly renewable bucket of hours. Overwhelmed teams can use these hours to troubleshoot and remedy issues or add more capacity to your initiatives. We'll also proactively recommend incremental improvements to your solution, so every minute is used productively.

What We Offer

Technical Application Support

Get peace of mind with our focused and skilled team that provides critical business and technical support for the applications used by the various groups within the organization. From the front desk to the C-suite, we've got you covered.

Marketing, Content & SEO Enablement

Have a project deadline, content migration, or marketing campaign that needs to get done? Our Content Army and marketing team of SEO professionals, videographers and writers are ready to lend a quick hand.

Composable Jamstack Support

The technology behind digital experiences has been going through major transformation and while everybody is talking about composable and headless, the skilled labour available to execute is often lagging. Don't miss deadlines, get experienced Jamstack support at Konabos.

Sitecore Support / CMS Support

Need help with your Sitecore, Kontent by Kentico, Contentful or other CMS? Konabos Sitecore support is led by Sitecore MVPs and our CMS Support is backed by our Content Army to help you tackle any crisis.

Data Governance & Privacy Compliance

The laws and local requirements for data governance are always changing and are often overlooked. We have a team of compliance and data security specialists at Konabos that can help ensure you stay out of legal trouble.

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