WAaaS: Web Accessibility as a Service

Empowering people with diverse abilities cuts across all of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and is an explicit measure of success for five of them. Let's make progress.

Digital Accessibility Services

Accessibility Audit

An Accessibility Audit is a great place to start if you are not sure where your website and applications stand. Our experienced professionals conduct a thorough audit taking into account the guidelines related to your industry, company size, and other relevant factors.

Accessibility Remediation

Konabos can work with your internal team or can work independently to bring your digital assets into alignment with the required accessibility guidelines. We keep you abreast of the progress with accessibility compliance reports and stakeholder updates.

Accessibility Orchestration

Accessibility compliance can be quite detailed and overwhelming to integrate within an organization. Konabos can help plan your compliance strategy for immediate and future success.

Accessibility Testing

The best accessibility programs require diligent and thorough testing procedures. Tools can automate some aspects of accessibility testing, but manual testing and user testing with individuals with disabilities is an essential component of achieving comprehensive digital accessibility compliance.

Accessibility Maintenance

Regularly updating and maintaining accessibility features is crucial as technologies and standards evolve. Konabos can help you and your team keep on top of the changes and ensure your digital assets remain compliant.

Accessibility Training

One of the best ways to maintain accessibility compliance is through education and teamwork. Konabos can work with your staff and train them into a team of web accessibility pros, either through instructor-led training or online courses.

Let Us Help You Make Accessibility Progress

At Konabos, we are passionate about our customers’ success.  

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