Sitecore Personalization Enablement

No matter what version of Sitecore you are on, there are things you can do RIGHT NOW to enable personalization and gain more ROI from Sitecore.

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Extract more ROI from Sitecore with personalization

There are hundreds of Sitecore owners who have never even used the powerful features within the platform. That’s like owning a Ferrari and parking it in the garage. Your website might as well be on Wix, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, or some other small business website platform.

We know you didn’t buy Sitecore to only be a CMS. You had visions for all the wonderful customer experiences, A/B testing, Engagement Value tracking, goal setting, and personalization you could do to win and keep more customers.

All is not lost. Speak to a Konabos Sitecore Most Valuable Professional (MVP) today and get some quick wins!

What We Offer

Sitecore Quick Wins for Every Content Manager & Marketer

Forget theory, let’s dig in together and implement experiences that benefit your visitors and your organization. Our team will work alongside yours, to execute marketing automation, AB Testing, and Sitecore personalization easily and immediately. Let's take simple steps toward more Sitecore ROI in literally just a few minutes.

Business Optimization Workshops

If you’re struggling with team alignment or simply don’t know how to convert your business objectives into Sitecore, we have a fun strategy game designed to identify low-hanging fruit to get you started with Sitecore Personalization, marketing automation, goal setting, multivariate testing, and more.

Sitecore Audits and Developer Coaching

We have seen it more times than we care to admit…Sitecore was simply implemented incorrectly. Sitecore development is not like regular website development, as any Sitecore Most Valuable Professional will tell you. If you suspect your Sitecore implementation has handcuffed your team, our team of eight Sitecore MVPs can help you sort it out.

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