UX & Creative

Konabos UX and UI Design Services aim at creating, managing, and executing intuitive and delightful user experiences, visual designs, digital media creations, and more for our clients. Our UX Design process has three phases; Discovery, Solutioning, and (Re)evaluating.

Portfolio Highlights

Subaru (Redesign Concepts)

Emplifi.io (Brand & Website Launch)

CPA Canada (Digital Optimization Project)

Taking CPA Canada's website into the modern web...

CPA Canada identified a need for an updated digital experience across channels as the CPA Canada brand matured. Research showed* that while users trusted the content they found on CPA Canada, a poor search experience and an unpolished design created pain points for most users. So we set out to achieve two primary goals:

  1. Drive member value by engaging members with CPA content.
  2. Create financial sustainability.

We started with personas and are progressing through platform upgrades and a full redesign (coming soon).

Konabos Design Objectives

  • Be a trusted, reliable creative, and user-experience partner to our clients.
  • Create solutions that support our client's business objectives and their users' needs.
  • Craft elevated and delightful digital experiences for a variety of clients across many verticals.
  • Provide a holistic set of creative services including, app design, digital web, video/motion graphics, visual design, and brand design.

Guiding Principles

Human Connections

Our team values human connections and thrives on building long-lasting relationships and providing continued value to those we work with. * Everyone can contribute and collaborate within real conversations. * We actively seek feedback and welcome constructive criticism. * We bring our genuine selves to every project. * We always advocate for our users.

Clarity & Precision

We strive to build clear, unambiguous digital experiences. * We are clear and concise in our writing and our experiences. * We strive to create open, inclusive, and accessible solutions for all.

Quality and Details

We take pride in the quality of work we deliver. We want our work to stand the test of time and give our partners a best-in-class experience. * We empower our clients by providing clean, high-quality design artifacts that they can continue to use and expand upon. * Our work always includes details and sufficient information for developer and client hand-offs, so no one is left wondering. * We are constantly striving to be true masters in our crafts.

Design Team Composition

Design Lead

Coordinates with other departments to build and maintain the design road map for the team. In charge of the overall project and directs all the other team members on how the project will be executed.

UX/UI Designers

Involved at every stage of the UX design process to ensure that experiences make sense and flow logically from one step to the next. Responsible for creating all the screens through which a user will move, and creates the visual elements and their interactive properties that facilitate this movement. 

UX Researchers

UX researchers collaborate with design, development, and marketing teams to evaluate current and upcoming user research needs that help to improve product definition and drive business goals.

Content Strategist / Copywriters

Responsible for communicating with the users on their terms, using the appropriate language, tone, and voice. Writers are involved in both copywriting for a project (writing the content for pages or sections) as well as for labels, help text, and other UI micro-copy.

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