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The Konabos UX/UI Design Team knows that user experience and user interface design require a 360-degree, customer-centric approach.

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Conceived to connect

When talented architects work with great designers’ extraordinary experiences are the result.  Konabos is proud to be partnering with creative powerhouses Charlie and Square360 to deliver Branding, Creative, and User Experience design services for mobile, desktop, email, kiosks, and other media/marketing channels.

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What We Offer

Usability Studies

Maximize your ROI. Collect insights, findings, and anecdotes about how people use your product or service.

User Experience Design

Our design decisions in UX design are driven by research, data analysis, and test results rather than aesthetic preferences and opinions.

Creative Design

Creative design that engages users within eight (8) seconds is important in the modern digital world. Make your product, brand, or service stand out in the sea of thousands of products that are launched into the market each day.


Creating a strong, positive perception of your company, its products or services in the customer's mind. Our methodology for building brand consistency and authenticity are threaded through all marketing communications.

Work by Charley

Konabos is proud to partner with Charley. Their ability to speak "human" fluently and make human connections aligns well with our focus on building community. Visit Charley's website at https://www.charleyinc.com/projects

Work by Square360

Partnering with Square360 adds to our depth of knowledge and experience in assisting with the digital transformation in industries like Manufacturing, Energy & green technology, Consumer goods, and Healthcare & human services. Visit Square360's website at https://square360.com/

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