9 Sep 2022

Website Search Experiences | Konabos

Design and implement a superior search experience for your customers and greater engagement insights. Improving your site search experience drives engagement and conversions.

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15 Sep 2022

Sitecore Symposium Presents: Search Unleashed! Dennis Augustine and Hugo Santos | Konabos

Dennis Augustine and Hugo Santos will be presenting at Sitecore Symposium 2022 in Chicago.

13 Jul 2022

Konabos’ Deep Expertise Lands SearchStax Gold Partner Award | Konabos

We take the search experience seriously, because Search Experience is a key area for gathering better and more specific customer and product insights. Dont overlook search.

Latest Blogs

14 Nov 2023

SearchStax Studio for Sitecore: How to Boost Search Results 4 Specific Templates | Konabos

The ability to surface specific content more prominently in search results is a critical business advantage. Learn how SearchStax Studio for Sitecore can boost search results.

14 Nov 2023

SearchStax Studio for Sitecore: How to display default search results on load | Konabos

Modify SearchStax Studion for Sitecores default behavior to load search results on page load before the user inputs any search criteria or selects any facets/filters. Heres how.

4 Apr 2023

Comparing All The Options For Website Search in Sitecore | Konabos

We discuss why search experience matters for Sitecore customers, why building a search feature from scratch isnt recommended, and explore the best third-party options.

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15 Jul 2022

Selecting a Search Provider for Jamstack - Video Interview | Konabos

Akshay and Kamruz, Partners at Konabos, share their experience in selecting a search provider. Criteria like features, product benefits, and costs as explored.