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13 Jul 2022

Konabos’ Deep Expertise Lands SearchStax Gold Partner Award | Konabos

We take the search experience seriously, because Search Experience is a key area for gathering better and more specific customer and product insights. Dont overlook search.

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6 Oct 2023

Optimize Sitecore Search with SearchStax Auto-Correction | Konabos

Discover how SearchStaxs auto-correction elevates Sitecore search accuracy by rectifying misspellings, delivering precise results effortlessly.

11 Nov 2022

A Marketers Image Dream: NextJs 13 and OG Images | Konabos

Our Director of Technology, Mike Edwards, explores Open Graph Image Generation and how this can help marketers create dynamic images for their content

11 Aug 2022

Lighthouse Scores Checklist | Konabos

In this blog, Mike Edwards explores the most important determining factors impacting your lighthouse score and how to use this knowledge to improve your lighthouse score.