Konabos’ deep expertise lands SearchStax Gold Partner Award

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7 Jul 2022

Konabos is incredibly proud to be awarded the SearchStax Gold Partner badge of merit.

This is monumental news for us and a testament to the dedication of our team that always puts the customer first. As such, this is as much a win for us as it is for our customers who can more confidently trust that their search experience solutions are in capable hands.

We take the search experience seriously

Search Experience is a key area for gathering better and more specific customer and product insights. Oddly, it is also an area that is either a second thought or one that many marketers and website owners overlook (no pun intended).

Think about it…

  • Over 90% of sales and purchases begin with an online search
  • Search is how your customers tell you exactly what they want
  • Search can help you identify what content is missing, or what content is most sought after
  • Search can also tell you what questions your customers need to have answered before they decide to buy your product
  • Search can help you understand where your customers are in their customer journey, so you can guide them on taking the next appropriate step

Search is much more than just a website feature; it’s part of your customer's experience as they engage with your brand and make important decisions.

So, what is your search experience like?

If you’re not getting all these important insights from your website search implementation and need a partner to help you understand and bridge the gap, your search (pun intended) is over. 😊

We understand that each client faces their own unique set of business, marketing, and technology challenges so, when it comes to search, Konabos is deeply experienced in providing solutions for a wide range of industries.

Globally recognized search experience professionals

Our Search practice is led by Hugo Santos who is dedicated, globally recognized, and respected in the field of search strategy, search architecture, and search experience implementation.

Thank you SearchStax and Danielle Bartholomew for this honour. We look forward to an even deeper partnership experience with you.

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