13 Jul 2022

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13 Jul 2022

Can MEDDIC breathe life into your sales process? | Konabos

MEDDIC is an acronym that may just stabilize and rejuvenate your businesss enterprise sales process. Learn how at Konabos we focus on each of these MEDDIC factors.

27 Jan 2022

The Benefits of Using a Composable DXP | Konabos

A composable DXP allows participants to improve efficiency and lower costs. Here is the summary of the benefits of using a composable DXP.

27 Jan 2022

3 Lessons From Switching to Jamstack |Konabos Consulting Inc. | Konabos

When it comes to using headless CMS and Jamstack, its easy to get caught up in all the nifty features. Here are three lessons that we learned while switching to Jamstack.

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21 Jul 2022

XM Cloud - is it really the future for Sitecore? | Konabos

We wanted to bring some clarity on the details of XM Cloud and how it would affect Migration among other things.

13 Jul 2022

What is A CDP? (Customer Data Platform) | Konabos

The CDP Institute defines it as, packaged software that creates a persistent unified customer database that is accessible to other systems. But what is it in laymans terms?

13 Jul 2022

Vblog on Explaining Composable DXP to a Chief Executive Officer | Konabos

In this video session, Akshay Sura and Matthew Mcqueeny from Konabos answer how you would explain Composable DXP to a Chief Executive Officer or anyone who is not in IT?