Can MEDDIC breathe life into your sales process?

Matthew McQueeny - Relationships & Community Lead

26 Jan 2022

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When I hear the term “medic,” I automatically think about emergency responders stabilizing a patient en route to a hospital. But, when you add a “D” to that word – making it MEDDIC - it becomes an acronym that may just stabilize and rejuvenate your business’s enterprise sales process.  

MEDDIC was created by Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) in the 1990s to organize and qualify the enterprise sales framework.  It provides a comprehensive accounting of all the steps and questions involved in “getting to yes” (or “no,” which can still be important in closing the opportunity) in any modern business deal.  

Here is how it breaks down: 

M is for metrics:

what are the crucial metrics or measurables that your product/solution will provide?  Also, what are the metrics that will define success for the buyer?  

E is for an economic buyer:

who is the individual responsible, the ultimate authority, in the buying process?  This is often the person who has “P&L” or profit and loss responsibility.  

D is for decision criteria:

what are the criteria by which the buyer will decide?  Factors can be financial, technical, vendor, and more.  It is critical to understand these criteria.  

D is for decision process:

how does the decision process look?  What are the steps, and who are the stakeholders?  How long will it take?  

I is for identifying pain:

why does the buyer need your solution?  What are the “pain points” that your solution will solve?   

C is for champion:

Who will be your “person on the inside” that will champion you and your solution?  This champion will typically have influence and power within the buyer’s organization.  

At Konabos, we try to focus on each of these MEDDIC factors when working alongside a buyer, whether the solution is related to:

  • Strategy
  • Sitecore
  • Kontent by Kentico
  • Contentful
  • Contentstack
  • or any of the myriad headless, composable DXP (digital experience platforms), or Jamstack solutions.

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Matthew McQueeny

Matt is a digital marketing professional and web project manager with over 15 years of experience.  He has worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 to startups. Industries of digital project experience include healthcare, publishing, technology, telecommunications, education, retail, entertainment, manufacturing, and transportation. In 2023, Matt was awarded his first Sitecore MVP, in recognition for his work in the Sitecore community. 

He loves the intersection of technology, marketing, and communications.  Throughout his career, he worked with many licensed and open-source content management systems, in editorial, social media strategy and advertising, search engine marketing, lead generation, analytics, and podcasting.

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