13 Jul 2022

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Level-up your teams skillset. Get difficult things done more efficiently. Konabos MVPs: training for content managers, marketers on dxp platforms Sitecore, Kontent, and Contentful

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13 Jul 2022

Headless Thoughts: Composable DXP Explained through Apple’s Mac Computers | Konabos

Understand the merits and definition of Composable DXP, (Headless, and Jamstack,) by a perfect example. Learn how Apples Mac computer line could help explain Composable DXP.

13 Jul 2022

The Future of Content By Bruce Davis-Goff | Konabos Consulting | Konabos

A question that often occurs to me around content is who owns it. Lets say I have a headless setup, possibly running on Contentful. Learn More.

13 Jul 2022

Can MEDDIC breathe life into your sales process? | Konabos

MEDDIC is an acronym that may just stabilize and rejuvenate your businesss enterprise sales process. Learn how at Konabos we focus on each of these MEDDIC factors.