13 Jul 2022

Training and Coaching | Konabos

Level-up your teams skillset. Get difficult things done more efficiently. Konabos MVPs: training for content managers, marketers on dxp platforms Sitecore, Kontent, and Contentful

13 Jul 2022

Architecture | Konabos

Work with our Sitecore specialist to activate solutions leveraging the power for Sitecores entire family

Latest Blogs

6 Oct 2023

Connecting to all your Sitecore Docker Container services using GUI tools | Konabos

When working with Docker Containers, you have to connect differently to the running services using GUI tools compared to your local machine. Lets look at all the options.

27 Jan 2022

Bugs and Hoops of Mounting Sitecore Horizon on Docker | Konabos

Integrating the Sitecore Horizon docker-compose override, into an instance of Sitecore SXA on docker. Here are some of the issues with this new release and steps to overcome them.

13 Jul 2022

Disabling Traefik Healthchecks in Sitecore Docker | Konabos

Learn how to get Sitecore Docker to show your 500 error messages and avoid Traefik not allowing traffic to the container.