13 Jul 2022

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Work with our Sitecore specialist to activate solutions leveraging the power for Sitecores entire family

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13 Jul 2022

Azure DevOps Error - This is a scheduled windows - 2016 brownout | Konabos

Steps on how to resolve the error - This is a scheduled windows-2016 brownout. The windows-2016 environment is deprecated and will be removed on April 1st, 2022.

27 Jan 2022

Best website search provider for Sitecore – Part I - Internal Indexes | Konabos

Which search provider should we use? Why this one and not that one? What provides the best cost benefit value? Get all your answers here.

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13 Jul 2022

Microsoft Azure Functions are a gift to Tech Startups | Konabos

Microsoft Azure Functions: In this video, we will look at what are Azure Functions? How we can use them and building our first Azure Function.