27 Jan 2022

Digital Marketing & Experience Strategy Solutions | Konabos

Build Digital Experience Solutions that drive value for your organization and your customers. Connect with Konabos for Customer Experience Strategy & Architecture Solutions.

27 Jan 2022

User Experience, User Interface (UX/UI), and Creative Design Services | Konabos | Konabos

The Konabos UX/UI Design Team knows that user experience and user interface design require a 360-degree, customer-centric approach. Get next-level digital experiences with Konabos.

14 Mar 2023

Audio and Video Production | Konabos

At Konabos, were dedicated to producing exceptional video and audio content that drives real results and inspires action.

Latest Blogs

9 Mar 2023

Lost in Translation or Tailored to Perfection? | Konabos

Businesses and organizations are expanding their reach to new audiences in different parts of the world.

15 Dec 2022

Managing Slugs for Multiple Languages in | Konabos

Konabos automates the translation of thousands of website pages with a few slick integrations, Kontent.ais CMS and Azures Cognitive Services. Step-by-step instructions included.

13 Jul 2022

The Future of Content By Bruce Davis-Goff | Konabos Consulting | Konabos

A question that often occurs to me around content is who owns it. Lets say I have a headless setup, possibly running on Contentful. Learn More.

Latest Videos

13 Jul 2022

How to set up and use language localization in Kontent by Kentico | Konabos

In this video, we walk through how to set up and use Language Localization in Kontent Kentico Headless Content Management System. Watch Now!

13 Jul 2022

Why we love Storybook? | Vblog | Konabos Consulting Inc. | Konabos

In this video, Mike Edwards - Director, Technology at Konabos go through the benefits of using Storybook. Learn how a tool like Storybook can impact your deliverables.

13 Jul 2022

What is your Content Creation Process? | Konabos

In this video, we talk about Content Creation. What does your Content Creation Process look like? Do you have manual processes along with automated ones? Watch Now!