27 Jan 2022

User Experience, User Interface (UX/UI), and Creative Design Services | Konabos | Konabos

The Konabos UX/UI Design Team knows that user experience and user interface design require a 360-degree, customer-centric approach. Get next-level digital experiences with Konabos.

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27 Jan 2022

iOS and Android mobile app in 4 days with Sitecore Experience Edge | Content Hub | Konabos

In order to show the Omnichannel dream, we set out to build an iOS and Android mobile app in 4 days using Sitecore Experience Edge for Content Hub. Learn more

27 Jan 2022

Mobile app Design and Development Phase Deliverables | Konabos

Read the Konabos approach to mobile application design and development process that outlines the discovery phase and adopts the Lean Startup methodology.