27 Jan 2022

Digital Marketing & Experience Strategy Solutions | Konabos

Build Digital Experience Solutions that drive value for your organization and your customers. Connect with Konabos for Customer Experience Strategy & Architecture Solutions.

13 Jul 2022

Sitecore Personalization Enablement | Konabos

No matter what version of Sitecore you have, you can enable personalization RIGHT NOW and gain more ROI from Sitecore.

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14 Mar 2023

Key ways to solve the degradation of attention span problem | Konabos

Facing the challenge of a decreasing attention span among customers and prospects? Here are some key ways to solve the degradation of attention span problem.

13 Feb 2023

Getting More ROI Out of Sitecore XP: Maximizing Your Investment | Konabos

Does this sound like you? My vision of driving growth, improving customer experiences, and increasing conversions has not fully realized. Dont worry. We can help U get more ROI.

6 Feb 2023

7 Ways to Use Sitecore Customer Experience and Engagement Technologies | Konabos

Here are seven ways Sitecore engagement technologies can be used to improve customer experience, gain understanding, and measure engagement.