10 Tools for Sitecore XP 10.x Marketing Automation

Ken Gray - Senior Digital Experience Strategist

2 Jan 2024

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Sitecore XP 10.x is a comprehensive digital experience platform that offers various tools to facilitate automation across different aspects of its ecosystem. Here is a list of the 10 key tools we’ve used in Sitecore marketing automation:

  1. Sitecore PowerShell Extensions (SPE): This tool allows users to automate tasks using PowerShell scripts (some dev skills are required) within the Sitecore environment. It's particularly useful for automating routine administrative tasks, data manipulation, and content management operations. These scripts are particularly useful when performing large content migration during a lift-and-shift upgrade or website redesign with information architecture changes.
  2. Sitecore Workflows: Sitecore provides a built-in workflow engine that enables the automation of content approval processes. Workflows define the lifecycle of content, allowing for automated transitions, notifications, approvals, and publishing. Workflows also help protect the brand from embarrassment by eliminating the inadvertent publication of content that is not ready for public consumption.
  3. Sitecore Marketing Automation: Sitecore's Marketing Automation tool is designed for orchestrating personalized customer journeys. Marketers can automate the delivery of targeted content, emails, and campaigns based on user behavior and interactions. Marketing Automation is great for helping customers navigate and find relevant information on websites with complex information architectures or simply large amounts of content.
  4. Sitecore EXM (Email Experience Manager): EXM is used for email marketing automation within the Sitecore platform. It enables the creation, scheduling, and tracking of email campaigns, allowing for personalized and automated email communication. Sitecore Send is the SaaS “equivalent” of EXM recommended for customers moving to a composable or cloud-based architecture.
  5. Sitecore Cortex: This machine learning engine is integrated into Sitecore to automate personalization and content recommendations based on user behavior, preferences, and historical data. As with all machine learning, the more data you can provide to the engine the better the learning and outcomes.
  6. Sitecore Federated Experience Manager (FXM): FXM allows marketers to extend personalization and tracking capabilities to non-Sitecore websites, enabling automation of user interactions and data collection across different digital properties.
  7. Sitecore Publishing Service: While not a traditional automation tool, the Publishing Service in Sitecore optimizes the content publishing process, making it faster and more efficient. Automated publishing schedules can be configured to ensure timely content updates or to remove stale dated content particular during the holidays when we humans like to enjoy each other’s company.
  8. Sitecore xConnect: xConnect facilitates the collection and synchronization of customer interaction data across multiple channels and systems, supporting automation in tracking and personalization efforts. For example, we connected SAP with Sitecore which allowed a manufacturer to segment and personalize product promotions in their online store.
  9. Sitecore Forms: For marketers seeking to automate data collection, Sitecore Forms provides a user-friendly interface to create and manage web forms, integrating with marketing automation processes. Form submissions can also trigger email automation campaigns performed through any number of tools such as EXM/Sitecore Send as noted above. Forms combined with the Marketing Automation tool can set up a nice Webinar drip campaign for registrants reminding them of the upcoming event or post event for promoting and sharing on-demand content.
  10. Third-Party Integrations: Sitecore supports integration with various third-party automation tools and platforms, enhancing the overall automation capabilities. This includes integration with marketing automation platforms, CRM systems, and analytics tools.

These tools collectively empower marketers and developers to automate tasks, personalize user experiences, and streamline digital marketing efforts within the Sitecore 10.x platform. The choice of tools depends on specific use cases and the desired outcomes of the automation processes.

With over 10 Sitecore MVPs, Konabos is at the forefront of configuring and aiding in the setup of Sitecore’s marketing applications. Our seasoned professionals specialize in optimizing marketing automation tools within the Sitecore 10.x platform with extensive experience in performing upgrades from 8.x and 9.x. We ensure seamless integration and fine-tuning of Sitecore’s marketing applications and train teams to implement campaigns that align with business objectives.

Konabos combines a deep understanding of Sitecore 10’s capabilities with a track record of successful implementations, empowering clients to harness the full potential of Marketing Automation. It’s why large and global enterprises like Sick Kids Foundation, Alexion, and CPA Canada, trust us to navigate the complexities of Sitecore, delivering tailored solutions that elevate their digital marketing strategies and Sitecore platform to new heights.

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Ken Gray

Ken is a two-time Sitecore Strategy MVP who has been working with the Sitecore platform since 2011. He has over 20 years of experience in business analysis, software development, content management systems, marketing, and digital strategy.

Ken’s passion for digital marketing and personalization along with his coaching and training abilities, aids Konabos in helping dozens of Content Authors and Sitecore Marketers improve their productivity and knowledge of Sitecore; thus maximizing each client’s return on investment. 

In short, Ken makes the complex toolset of Sitecore, simple.

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