Sitecore Training and Coaching

Better Sitecore training leads to better processes, more innovation, greater job satisfaction, and increasingly efficient work.


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Level-up your team's Sitecore knowledge

Is your organization facing inefficient content creation and content management practices, or not using Sitecore’s Personalization and Marketing Tools for maximum ROI?

Has a recent update got you trolling documentation and relearning the Sitecore platform? Brining the content managers and marketing up to speed on the new bells and whistles is often overlooked during a Sitecore Upgrade.

Content managers may find it harder to do the stuff they used to do since the latest version often comes with a new look and feel and/or features get moved around or are completely rebuilt and function differently than earlier versions.

Konabos Sitecore MVPs can help you level-up your team’s Sitecore skillset to get difficult things done more efficiently in the four key areas where organizations struggle:

  1. Sitecore Personas
  2. Sitecore Experience Analytics
  3. Sitecore Personalization
  4. Marketing Automation

Additional Learning Services

Do you have an in-house Learning Management System (LMS)? Konabos offers the option to have its custom Sitecore courses added to your LMS so the future onboarding of staff can be self-paced and consistent.

  • LMS module creation & recording of facilitated sessions
  • Ongoing updates to modules and materials to keep pace with Sitecore patches and upgrades

Get Sitecore Training and Coaching for your workforce.

What We Offer

Flexible Delivery Models

Konabos delivers Training and Coaching in a variety of ways; in-person or remotely, instructor-led or on-demand. Mix and match what works best for your team's learning style.

Customizable Courses

Build your course and training sessions around your organization’s knowledge needs and schedule. We have courses in .NET development, Sitecore training for content managers and content marketers, Strategy workshops and more.

Experts in each version of Sitecore

Our programs were created by coaches and instructors with decades of Sitecore knowledge and experience from versions 5.x to the current 10.x version.

Hands-on Labs

Each participant will be provided learning environments ("sandboxes") and How-To-Guides in order to practice the skills they have acquired. Additional post-training “sandboxes” can also be arranged.

Deep-dive into Topics

Have a particular area you want to focus on? No problem. We have specialists who can train and coach your team in the areas of Sitecore Commerce, EXM, Strategy, SXA, A/B/n Testing, Docker, CI/CD, Search, Sitecore Experience Analytics, and many more specific Sitecore topics.


Our flexible delivery options allow us to provide Sitecore training and coaching services to large and small teams alike. Talk with a Training and Coaching Consultant for details.

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