SearchStax Studio for Sitecore - How to Boost Search Results for Specific Templates

Hugo Santos - Head of Search Practice

15 Nov 2023

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In the landscape of digital content, where immediacy and relevance of information are paramount, the ability to surface specific content types more prominently in search results is a critical business advantage. For instance, consider an e-commerce website with a vast catalog of products where seasonal offerings, like winter gear during a cold snap, need to be pushed to the forefront to capture market demand and consumer interest efficiently. In such a scenario, boosting the visibility of pages using a 'Seasonal Products' template in search results can lead to better user engagement and increased sales. 

Moreover, in the world of content-driven sites such as news portals, where breaking news and feature stories compete for reader attention, elevating certain article templates related to trending topics can ensure that readers are always presented with the most timely and pertinent stories. Similarly, in the context of Sitecore projects, this concept translates into giving precedence to particular page templates—such as case studies or product pages over generic content pages—to align with strategic business initiatives or marketing campaigns. 

SearchStax Studio for Sitecore responds to these needs by providing an approachable and straightforward way to modify innate search behaviors. By default, search functions serve up results based on generic relevance. However, this can be tailored to prioritize certain 'templates,' ensuring that specific types of pages gain the spotlight when it matters most. 

How to Do It

Let's say you have two template types, and you want pages using template type B to always appear first, in line with some important rule established by the business department. 

First, ensure that the template field is indexed, and you've reloaded the schema in SearchStax so that this field is part of its schema.  

Once you've confirmed that the template field is on the SearchStax Studio platform, open your RELEVANCE MODEL and navigate to the RANKING tab.

Then, check the "Enable Field Ranking" box to activate custom ranking, and add a Field Value option following this logic, making sure you adjust the RANKING BOOST to your needs: 

Publish the model to apply the changes.  

After this, you'll notice a change in the order in which results are displayed on the same search page: 


Enhancing search functionality to serve business objectives effectively transforms how users interact with your content, ensuring that the most relevant information is accessible with ease. 

By leveraging the boosting capabilities within SearchStax, Sitecore developers can finetune search result rankings to align with strategic business goals. This focus on detail can significantly improve the user experience, by guiding them to the desired content without the need for manual intervention or complex configurations. 

For those looking to delve deeper into customizing search experiences on Sitecore, remember that you're not alone. Our team at Konabos is equipped with the expertise to navigate the intricate details of search optimization. 

Whether it's defining optimal settings for spellcheck or adjusting the relevance model to highlight specific templates, we understand the value of precise search results and are committed to helping you enable your Sitecore website with search capabilities that leave a lasting, positive impression. 

Get in touch with us to explore how we can boost your digital experience to the next level. 

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Hugo Santos

Hugo specializes in search and automation, including testing automation. He is bright, amiable, and energetic. As a Sitecore Architect, he is passionate about creating great solutions that don't just follow best practices but further them. His passion for doing great work is equaled only by his willingness to share his expertise with the Sitecore community by blogging and advocacy, like helping to organize the Quebec Sitecore User Group while in Canada. Hugo is a four-time Sitecore Technology MVP, in recognition for all that he does for the Sitecore Community.

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