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23 Mar 2023

Konabos Lukasz Skowroński, SUGCON Europe 2023 Organizer | Konabos

Lukasz Skowroński, is an organizer of SUGCON Europe 2023. He shares with us what it means to be involved in such an exclusive role for SUGCON and what he is excited about.

14 Mar 2023

Mike & Vaishali Presenting at SUGCON Europe 2023 | Konabos

Several Konabos team members will be at SUGCON Europe including our Director of Technology, Mike Edwards, and Customer Experience Analyst, Vaishali Dialani, who will be presenting!

11 Aug 2022

Former Sitecore CTO Joins Konabos as Senior Customer Advocate | Konabos

Konabos adds composability evangelist and former Sitecore CTO John West as Senior Customer Advocate helping customers with their evolution towards a composable digital future.

Latest Blogs

29 Sep 2023

Add Publish and Experience Editor options to Context Menu on non-SXA solutions | Konabos

After working on SXA-based solutions and switching back to non-SXA Sitecore instances, we miss the Publish and Experience Editor context menu options. Lets add them back in.

10 Feb 2023

Creating Connections: Tips for Building a Strong Community | Konabos

A strong community can bring immense value to any platform or technology.

13 Jul 2022

SEO/HEO Friendly URL Structure for your Sitecore Website | Konabos

Here are some ways by which you can have SEO/HEO-friendly URL Structures for your Sitecore website. Include these before planning your website for better search engine results.

Latest Videos

15 Jul 2022

Akshay Sura & Kamruz Jaman SUGCON Europe Presentation | Konabos

What it means to be a Sitecore Architect in the Composable DXP world. In this video, Akshay and Kamruz show how to ease the pain of existing deployments with Vercel and Netlify.

13 Jul 2022

SUGCON Europe 2022 Recap With Akshay Sura and Kamruz Jaman | Konabos

Akshay Sura, Kamruz Jaman, and Matthew McQueeny recap the announcements and happenings from The Sitecore User Group Conference (SUGCON) Europe in March 2022.