Former Sitecore CTO Joins Konabos as Senior Customer Advocate, Leading Composable Digital Evolutions

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10 Aug 2022

John West joins Konabos' powerhouse team as Senior Customer Advocate 

August 10, 2022, Ottawa – Though nearly a quarter of Konabos' team are multi-time Sitecore MVPs, the architecture powerhouse had the foresight to begin the charge away from monolithic approaches toward Composable DXP-based solutions years before their agency peers. Today, Konabos takes yet another bold step, adding composability evangelist and former Sitecore CTO John West to their team as Senior Customer Advocate with a focus on helping customers and other agencies embark on their evolution towards a composable digital future with confidence. 

John West has had a long and distinguished career in enterprise solutions dating back to 1996. He moved into the content management space in 2000 as CTO of Sitecore, helping to establish Sitecore USA, leading the company to an investment round of over a billion dollars before retiring as Sitecore's only Lifetime MVP in 2016 in recognition of his tireless commitment to enabling the success of others. 

A consummate architectural visionary, after leaving Sitecore, John embarked on a consulting career with various agencies and vendors that would eventually lead him to become one of the world's vocal advocates for a transition toward the sort of Composable DXP technologies Gartner began calling strongly for in 2019. 

"John is a hero to many in the Sitecore community. His early transition towards composable approaches was a key catalyst for our transition in that direction around 2019. We're over the moon that he's joining the Konabos team. John's addition will strengthen us, our customers and the agencies we coach." ~ Akshay Sura, Partner, Konabos Inc. 

Konabos also trumpeted the launch of its "Composable Coaching" practice designed to help enterprise customers evolve with confidence from monolithic DXPs to agile, best-of-breed-based, Composable DXP approaches. 

"The DXP space keeps changing, but this remains constant, great architecture always wins the value battle in the long run, and people always matter. I've learned a lot during my journey. I look forward to helping our customers and partners and multiplying my impact as Senior Customer Advocate at Konabos as we all 'Keep Exploring' together." ~ John West, Senior Customer Advocate, Konabos Inc. 

About Konabos: 

Konabos Consulting crafts superior Digital Experience strategies and solutions using Composable DXP, Jamstack, and Sitecore-based tech stacks. It features some of the world's most experienced enterprise solution development specialists. With offices in Temecula, Ottawa, and Toronto, Konabos' global team is led by Sitecore MVPs and community leaders Akshay Sura, Kamruz Jaman, and Dennis Augustine.

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