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11 Aug 2022

Former Sitecore CTO Joins Konabos as Senior Customer Advocate | Konabos

Konabos adds composability evangelist and former Sitecore CTO John West as Senior Customer Advocate helping customers with their evolution towards a composable digital future.

Latest Blogs

25 May 2024

Embarking on the Digital Transformation Journey Through Quality Assurance | Konabos

In this Blog, lets delve into why QA is indispensable on this journey and how it drives value at every turn.

7 Aug 2023

Are You Maximizing the Value of Your Digital Transformation Projects? | Konabos

In todays fast-paced business landscape, digital transformation has become a critical driver for organizations aiming to remain competitive.

10 Jul 2023

Driving Change: The Power of Digital Transformation in Government | Konabos

In this blog, CX Analyst, Vaishali Dialani, explores the how the public sector can improve its customer experience through digital transformation.

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15 Jul 2022

Akshay Sura & Kamruz Jaman SUGCON Europe Presentation | Konabos

What it means to be a Sitecore Architect in the Composable DXP world. In this video, Akshay and Kamruz show how to ease the pain of existing deployments with Vercel and Netlify.