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26 Nov 2023

Switching your installation type between Sitecore XM and XP | Konabos

How easy is the switch between Sitecore XP and XM? Since the release of v10.1 and the use of IAR files, its much easier! We dig into the difference of the installation types.

29 Sep 2023

Add Publish and Experience Editor options to Context Menu on non-SXA solutions | Konabos

After working on SXA-based solutions and switching back to non-SXA Sitecore instances, we miss the Publish and Experience Editor context menu options. Lets add them back in.

21 Sep 2023

Sitecore deployment on AWS virtual servers with Jenkins - Sitecore Upgrade | Konabos

How to deploy Sitecore on AWS using the full potential of Jenkins paired together with Nexus Repository Manager. Fast, fully automated Sitecore web application deployment at scale.