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27 Jan 2022

Partial Designs and Other Confessions of a Sitecore Friend | Konabos

A fundamental premise of Sitecore has always been the flexibility of the platform - Ive always thought of it as a giant XML document with smarts to make it do cool stuff – is all.

27 Jan 2022

Bugs and Hoops of Mounting Sitecore Horizon on Docker | Konabos

Integrating the Sitecore Horizon docker-compose override, into an instance of Sitecore SXA on docker. Here are some of the issues with this new release and steps to overcome them.

27 Jan 2022

Finding more good stuff in Sitecore SXA by Bruce Davis-Goff | Konabos

Jamstack and Sitecore projects: I can see the appeal of Jamstack technologies, but the part that is still missing is a visual page composer as delivered by Sitecore SXA.