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Toastmasters CX Roadmap: Building a Path to Exceptional Member Experiences

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to helping individuals improve their communication and leadership skills. We helped improve efficiency by identifying areas where Toastmasters' people and processes could optimize its operations, reduce waste, and streamline its workflows.

Case Study Highlights


  • Covid significantly impacted their business model
  • Toastmasters had content management systems, digital experience platforms, and e-commerce platforms that reached end-of-life
  • The products were no longer supported by the vendor
  • Toastmasters was uncertain about whether to upgrade their legacy systems or pivot to a more modern composable technology stack
  • Their current technology stack was inflexible and costing significant money to just "limp along"
  • Toastmasters lacked the necessary data and metrics to inform its CX roadmap decisions and weren't sure where to start
  • Toastmasters wanted to engage a vendor to assist in identifying a realistic technical roadmap with a CX lens
  • Toastmasters aimed to evolve into a modern educational entity with a future-proof hybrid business model of both online and in-person learning capabilities


  • Konabos' experienced professionals conducted extensive 5-P research as well as an audit of the Toastmasters organization and their technology stack
  • We created a Current State Analysis document outlining the existing people, processes, and technology products within the organization
  • Our review resulted in a thorough Technical Architecture and Data Flow diagram
  • Konabos' Solution Architects along with CX & DX professionals assessed new software tools and how they might fit within Toastmasters' overall customer experience expectations
  • Konabos' Solution Producer created a two and five-year Future State Road Map and Gantt chart of the process to move from the current state to a scalable future state.
  • We provided quarterly timelines with resource estimates for Toastmasters to gain clarity on staffing and budget needs
  • Konabos summarized all the artifacts and data points into a presentation deck for Toastmasters to take to their board for approval.
  • Konabos also offered to be an available resource for any stakeholder meetings or subsequent questions.


  • Improved Efficiency: By identifying areas of improvement in Toastmasters' people, processes, and technology, the organization can optimize its operations, reduce waste, and streamline its workflows.
  • Enhanced Communication: Our engagement led to better collaboration and teamwork within the organization and improved member and club relations.
  • Improved Technology: Konabos' review, assessment, and recommendations of software tools helped the organization to improve its technology roadmap for a more reliable and secure infrastructure.
  • Clear Direction: Toastmasters has a detailed roadmap that outlines the steps and timelines for implementing CX improvements, including milestones, metrics, and resources needed for their long-term planning.
  • Better Onboarding: Toastmasters' IT Manager now uses the "Current State Analysis" document to onboard new hires and contracted vendors faster and more consistently.
  • Quick Wins and ROI: Konabos provided a list of "things you can do now without development" to help improve Toastmasters' member engagement. Several marketing, content, and UX fixes are being implemented.

Toastmasters Gains Clarity, Confidence, and Value

By creating a two and five-year future state roadmap and Gantt chart, Toastmasters can communicate to its board members and stakeholders a clear vision for its future and identify the priority steps needed to achieve it. 

The new digital experience platform (DXP) roadmap prepared by Konabos helps the organization stay focused on its goals, adapt to changes in the market, and maintain a competitive edge while it continues to evolve and grow.

Toastmasters also recognized the value of considering strategy and process changes before technology, which ensures that the technology solutions they choose to adopt, align well with their overall goals and objectives. 

Toastmasters International now has guidelines to avoid investing in technology that may not provide value or meet their specific needs. Using the learnings from our DXP road mapping approach also enables them to identify potential challenges or limitations and plan accordingly to minimize risks and maximize digital transformation benefits.