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American Bath Group (ABG) simplifies its DXP infrastructure, reducing costs by 91%.

Konabos helps Mesa Collection’s parent company, American Bath Group (ABG), simplify their DXP infrastructure while increasing speed and reducing infrastructure costs by 91%.

Case Study Highlights


  • Harmonize and simplify DXP infrastructure.
  • Lower the total cost of ownership.
  • Simplify future brand onboarding.
  • Place less load on expensive, highly specialized resources
  • Reduce application and content time-to-market and improve agility
  • Ensure the solution is scalable, secure, and performant
  • Centralize content, product, and customer data management
  • Simplify the framework for integrating content streams with backend line of business systems.


  1. Implement a Jamstack-based Modular DXP
  2. Begin with migrating small brands to a pure Jamstack play
  3. Move toward centralizing all content and product information management into headless omnichannel CMS infrastructure consisting of…
  • Contentful
  • Cloudinary
  • Salsify
  • Next and
  • Netlify


  • 95% lower infrastructure costs.
  • 71% CMS-related cost savings.
  • 50% performance improvement
  • 60% reduction in development costs
  • 80% faster time-to-market

Key Takeaways

One of our key takeaways is that one size does not fit all. Whether your organization is refactoring DXP infrastructure in response to an acquisition, an outdated implementation, or only looking for ways to optimize performance and value, carefully weigh all your options, and remember the Konabos team is standing by to help.

Marc Lamothe

Director Of Web Technology

American Bath Group



Konabos is like an extension of ABG's team. They are honest and trustworthy in highlighting ways we can better utilize our resources to save money.