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Konabos Improves Sitecore Performance by 96%

Konabos significantly improves Sitecore performance by 96% for a large North American home builder’s website that was crashing weekly. Periodic spikes of traffic severely impacted the productivity of their content authors.

Case Study Highlights


For over a year, the home builder had issues with its website, which caused it to go down every week. Naturally, there was internal pressure to fix the problem quickly, as it was impacting their ability to efficiently conduct marketing campaigns without a crash. Initially, the company's internal development team and their Sitecore partner assumed the issue was related to a server or network problem, but despite addressing these assumptions, the problem persisted.


  • Performed cloud-based load testing on a replicated environment
  • Performed various Sitecore website analysis
  • Prioritized remediation tasks based on impact and effort
  • Stabilized fixes in the testing environment


  • Decreased server load from 99% to 3%
  • Stabilized production website permanently
  • Performed post-production monitoring
  • Faster page speed leading to SEO ranking benefits
  • Took the pressure off the existing Sitecore partner for their upgrade project
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Konabos Sitecore Support and Performance Tuning

A large North American home builder’s website was crashing weekly and unable to handle the demands and periodic spikes of traffic. Whenever an e-mail marketing campaign was executed, the spikes were so severe that all content authors were asked to stop work in order to lessen the server load.  All content editors were not allowed to do anything. Aside from lost productivity, this also required excessive and additional coordination. To say they were frustrated would be an understatement.

Enter in, Konabos. We conducted a thorough Sitecore Audit and several automated load tests. We used a replicated environment through our cloud services provider to perform these tests to simulate a heavy load situation and evaluate the site performance under stress and compared it to previous performances.

We were able to identify several dynamic calls on pages with no caching. The pages had many of these calls happening, which would overload the database, so we refactored the code and added caching layers. 

Once our fixes were stable in our test environment, we moved them into production and monitored them after deployment. More tweaks and fine-tuning of the cache were necessary and deployed.

Konabos monitored the solution for a couple of months, and no problems were detected, much to our client's great relief.

While we fixed the performance issue, their existing Sitecore partner was able to work in parallel on their Sitecore upgrade project using the learnings from Konabos. 

Their server load went from 99% utilization, down to 3%, and their page load speed increased, which was a boost for their technical SEO and their page ranking in search engines.

Denise Moorcraft

Director Application Services

Major North American Home Builder



Konabos was instrumental in improving the stability and performance of our website. They pinpointed the issues and clearly communicated the plan to resolve them. Konabos also made themselves available for troubleshooting at a moment's notice, which was very reassuring.