What is Sitecore OrderCloud?

Akshay Sura - Partner

24 Jan 2022

In this video, we find out what is Sitecore OrderCloud?. We have read and heard the standard what is Sitecore OrderCloud, but do you really know what it is ?


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Hi, this is Akshay Sura from Konabos. Today we'll be talking about what is Sitecore OrderCloud. Do you really know what Sitecore Order Cloud is? Well, I can't say I do. So when you start reading about what the Arctic cloud is API first headless commerce, it's flexible, scalable business. There's a lot of buzzwords out there. And the standard definition, which pretty much everyone uses in their presentations just makes you feel like yawning, just like the little kid in this video. So why don't we just switch and move on to what exactly it is? So technically, it's everything, and it's nothing at the same time, so Sitecore OrderCloud. Calls itself as something which is customizable, so, you know, your business more than anyone else does. So in terms of how your business is at this stage, what it was a year, you know, in the past, what it will be a year or two or three or five in the future, you can't predict you only know what's in the past and what's currently happening. So a product like OrderCloud basically gives you the flexibility. We I'm calling it B2X, right? So I think the term is not widely used. But essentially what that means is if you have a scenario of, you know, just dealing with and customers, B2C or other businesses, distributors B2B B2B2C to s customers and businesses.

And then you have partners and you can sell to employees. And what I call as B2Friend is pretty much any combination you can think of. You can come up with and you can implement it. So currently, if your needs are, you're just be to see tomorrow, like a year from now. Based on your acquisitions, you want to go into a B2B and B2C model. You could do that. You could expand it whichever way you want in order to fulfill your business needs. The goal is that you have to take care of your business as it's growing, provide all the value you need to and you need to do it in a very agile way. It needs to be scalable. It needs to be agile. Of course, you want to be able to do all the things like, you know, from scaling, personalization, merchandising, being able to give all the abilities for your customers and users, other businesses, suppliers, the ability to do their work. It's a lot of work and if you want to build it yourself, it'll take a lot of money and effort and all OrderCloud is a really good way for you to implement those. Now, I'm not going to sit here, go through a list of all the things you can, but in general, all the things you get from a commerce system.

So if you go back to how we think of commerce systems, oh, can it do B2B? Can it do B2C? Oh, this guy does really well. This product is really good at B2B, but they also have B2C capabilities. You've heard that before, and it's kind of gets annoying when you're trying to implement. A Scenario you need all the other options, so assume that you have every other option you could from B2B to B2C systems from other e-commerce vendors. So pretty much all of that. But what exactly differentiates OrderCloud, for instance, right? So if it has everything what the other guys have, what does it mean? So we talk about headless and this. Yes, the other guys have it too. What makes it unique is that you could have several permutations and combinations of how you want to implement your commerce system, from adding external suppliers to being able to do B2B as well as B2C or a combination of both or anything you can come up with. You can implement that. What this lets you do is it makes it future proof so your business needs going forward. It is the platform is growing with you. If the focus is omnichannel, if the focus is being able to give you the ability to do a bunch of things as your business grows, so is our cloud growing with you and that helps you be on the OrderCloud and grow your business and scale accordingly.

So as I mentioned before, your B2B right now you want to go into B2C, you could do that. You don't have to change your tooling, you don't have to buy another, you know, another system to do it. And best of all, being able to integrate with existing backend systems definitely helps. So again, it being on the cloud, the SaaS based solution, you don't have to think about infrastructure, you don't have to think about all the headaches which come up with DevOps doing upgrades. Everything happens seamlessly. So I hope this was useful. This was mainly to answer my question, which is what is our the cloud as you start looking into it? I was reading so much where. It was telling me all these generic out of the box definitions for it, but I couldn't find anything which kind of really told me what the OrderCloud was, so I thought maybe I'll start this video series on Sitecore OrderCloud and share my thoughts with you. Hope this was useful. You can reach out to me on socials if you have any questions or comments. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me. @akshaysura13 on Twitter or on Slack.

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Akshay Sura

Akshay is a nine-time Sitecore MVP and a two-time Kontent.ai. In addition to his work as a solution architect, Akshay is also one of the founders of SUGCON North America 2015, SUGCON India 2018 & 2019, Unofficial Sitecore Training, and Sitecore Slack.

Akshay founded and continues to run the Sitecore Hackathon. As one of the founding partners of Konabos Consulting, Akshay will continue to work with clients to lead projects and mentor their existing teams.

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