Sitecore Personalization & Content Management Training

Sitecore Personalization & Content Management Training

There are hundreds of Sitecore owners who have never even used the powerful features within the platform. That’s like owning a Ferrari and parking it in the garage. Your website might as well be on Wix, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Jamstack, or some other small business website platform.

We know you didn’t buy Sitecore to only be a CMS. You had visions for all the wonderful customer experiences, A/B testing, Engagement Value tracking, goal setting, and personalisation you could do to win and keep more customers.

All is not lost. No matter what version of Sitecore you are on, there are things you can do RIGHT NOW to move the dial forward and begin to extract the ROI from Sitecore.

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Sitecore Quick Wins for Every Marketer

In this Sitecore training course, we help content managers and marketers begin implementing Sitecore personalisation with hands-on workshops, How-To demonstrations, and real-world examples customized to your organization’s most important goals and objectives.

Sitecore Refresher for Content Managers & Digital Marketers

It has been said that if you don’t use it, you lose it. If you haven’t been behind the wheel of Sitecore Personalisation in a while, you might need a refresher. Or maybe you’re trying to figure out a specific task, and Google just isn’t cutting it? If either of those sounds like you, why not tap into a team of Sitecore MVPs? Rather than tapping out, you could be at the top of your Sitecore game once again.

Business Optimization – Are you game?

If you have not played the Sitecore Business Optimization Services (SBOS) game, you’re in for a treat. In the SBOS Workshops, you will gain key insights and team alignment while discovering the low-hanging fruit for personalisation. Who says learning cannot be fun? Certainly not us!

Sitecore Upgrade Training

Has a recent update got you trolling documentation and relearning the Sitecore platform? Brining the content managers and marketing up to speed on the new bells and whistles is often overlooked during a Sitecore Upgrade.

Content managers may find it harder to do the stuff they used to do since the latest version often comes with a new look and feel and/or features get moved around or are completely rebuilt and function differently than earlier versions.

Additional Learning Services

Description: Do you have an in-house Learning Management System (LMS)? Konabos offers the option to have it's custom Sitecore courses added to your LMS so the future onboarding of staff can be self-paced and consistent.

  • LMS module creation & recording of facilitated sessions

  • Ongoing updates to modules and materials to keep pace with Sitecore patches and upgrades

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