Upgrade or Pivot - that is the question

Is your Sitecore version out of date?

Never before have so many options been available to you as a website owner and digital marketer. Choosing the right DXP future can be daunting. Let a Konabos MVP lend a hand.

The Future of Business is Composable

Composability is not just about changing your Martech stack, it’s a business mindset. A composable business mindset is critical for businesses that are going to be successful going forward. It's an understanding that business modularity and creating an organization made from interchangeable building blocks or business capabilities will provide agility and resilience as the business grows and transforms. 

A common analogy is lego blocks, where you can add and remove pieces as needed to create the desired object.

Four Principles of Composable Business

Daryl Plummer, a VP Analyst, and keynote speaker at the Gartner Symposium IT/Xpo® 2020 identified four principles of a composable business:

  • Discovery – at Konabos this is equivalent to our “Keep Exploring” value which creates speed in our innovation and growth
  • Modularity – creates agility when disruption or business changes cause a need to pivot
  • Autonomy – composable solutions allow CIOs and organizations to chart their own course without being locked into a single platform or vendor
  • Orchestration – speaks to better leadership capabilities where specialists can focus on their strengths and collaborate with others who are operating in theirs

Sitecore's Move to Composable

In 2021, Sitecore began accelerating its pivot to a composable architecture with four key acquisitions:

  • Reflektion – ai-powered search experience engine (now called Sitecore Discover)
  • Moosend – marketing automation (now called Sitecore Send)
  • Boxever – customer data platform (now called Sitecore CDP)
  • Four51 – B2B headless commerce solution (now called Sitecore OrderCloud)

Its most recent announcement of XM Cloud, came earlier this year in 2022. XM Cloud is a fully refactored, SaaS version of Sitecore’s CMS platform and it opened the door for Sitecore customers wanting to upgrade or what we call “side-grade” to a lower-cost, cloud-native, CMS-only version of Sitecore. XM Cloud is a natural first step toward composability for companies that love the Sitecore platform.

Your Platform of Choice

Today there is a myriad of composable DXP choices available to you. Choosing the right path and platform can be daunting, but we have a process and the experience to help guide you through.

Konabos has been leading and helping clients with the shift to a composable future since 2019. Our extensive experience in Kontent.ai, ContentStack, and Sitecore means you'll never have to worry about making the wrong choice. 

Our team recently helped a large, 28+ brand, manufacturing company transition from a monolith solution to a composable Martech stack. We saved our client hundreds of development hours, streamlined their content management processes, and optimized their e-commerce solution, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars in real savings.

Reasons to Consider a Sitecore XP Upgrade

  1. You are pleased with the Sitecore platform’s feature-set
  2. Your organization is leveraging the platform fully
  3. You want more value by using the platform's newest features
  4. You have no trouble with recruiting and retention of Sitecore talent
  5. You have the budget for a Sitecore upgrade
  6. Support for your current version will soon end or already has
  7. To maintain the highest level of security within the platform

Consider a Composable DXP Pivot If...

  1. You are not pleased with the platform capabilities
  2. You are double paying for platform capabilities
  3. Your organization isn’t leveraging the platform’s complete feature set
  4. You have trouble with recruiting or retention of knowledgeable talent
  5. You have avoided upgrading because it’s such a large undertaking
  6. You’re rethinking your web experience and digital strategy

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