Kamruz Jaman, Recipient of Ten-Time Sitecore MVP Award

Morgan Blackett - Marketing Strategist

26 Oct 2022

Sitecore Symposium returned in-person for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic. There were many highlights for Konabos. 

  • Kamruz Jaman, Hugo Santos and Akshay Sura met for the first time in-person!
  • Kamruz and Akshay had their session at Sitecore Symposium talking about the road to composability.
  • Akshay and Hugo had their session on Search Reflektons. 

One of the greatest highlights from the week of Sitecore Symposium was that our very own, Kamruz Jaman, received an award for becoming a 10-time Sitecore MVP. He is 1 of 22 people to have achieved this honour. 1 of 6 people to reach that milestone this year. We asked Kamruz about what this milestone meant to him, the future of Sitecore and the Sitecore community.

How does it feel to reach this milestone of ten Sitecore MVPs?

Kamruz: It's an immense privilege to have reached this milestone, and it brings a huge amount of pride and happiness. When I first started working on the Sitecore platform I did not think that a single MVP was within reach so I had never even dreamt i would reach 10! I am thankful to all my past and present colleagues and other community members who have encouraged and helped me along the way. And to everyone that left comments, provided feedback or ever just appreciated something that I had ever blogged, presented or shared - it was the joy that something I provided to the community was of value that helped me to reach this milestone.

You are an active member of the Sitecore community, what does the community mean to you?

Kamruz: The Sitecore Comminity is a very unique community, I am not sure if another like it exists. The community is a close knit and friendly group, some of whom have known each other for several years and feel more like family. Everyone is encouraging of each other and I love all the knowledge that everyone so freely shares in order to help each other grow or to help them solve a problem they may face. Community spaces like Slack also help us connect on a day to day basis, even if it's just to share some random giphy and bring a smile to the face!

As Sitecore makes its pivot toward Composable DXP, what are you most excited about for Sitecore's future?

Kamruz: It makes me extremely happy to see Sitecore finally pivot towards Composable DXP. We have already been on this journey and been advocates for the approach for a number of years and have spoken at length about the numerous benefits it can bring to our customers. As Sitecore starts to build up it's offerings in the Composable DXP space, I'm excited to see how to integrate the separate products to work more seamlessly whilst remaining open and truly working well with other vendors. The product team and leadership has reassured it will remain a good neighbour and not just a "composable monolith" so I think we should see some exciting innovation and development in this space!

Advice for anyone just getting started in Sitecore?

Kamruz: Getting started is really hard. I always felt like I had something worth sharing, but making that first step felt like too much - putting yourself out there "to be judged" by your peers and thoughts of getting scrutinised on everything you write is really scary. The reality was very different though, with huge amounts of support and helpful feedback. Start small and work up to the larger pieces, both in writing and when presenting - this will really help you build your confidence but know that the community is very friendly and supportive overall.

The entire Konabos team sends a huge congratulations to Kamruz on this milestone! 

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