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13 Jul 2020

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Konabos Consulting Inc. Recognized as Sitecore Silver Partner

JULY 6TH, 2020, - Konabos is pleased to announce that its all-star team of multi-year Sitecore MVPs and senior consultants have been recognized as a Sitecore Silver Partner. This acknowledgment should come as no surprise to those already familiar with their team’s work and notable contributions to the Sitecore community.

“We’re pleased to be recognized for our excellence and commitment to our customers and the Sitecore community. For the last ten years, it has been our focus to contribute to the growing Sitecore community, and we are excited to see the technological advances and developments on launch on Sitecore in the decade ahead.” Kamruz Jaman, Partner at Konabos.

For more than a decade, Akshay Sura and Kamruz Jaman have been active members of the global Sitecore community as founders, organizers, moderators, and contributors to community events. They have also contributed their time and resources to the Annual Sitecore Hackathon, Sitecore User Group Conventions (SUGCON), the Sitecore Slack Workspace, Sitecore Stack Exchange, and Core Community Award. Sura and Jaman have received the Sitecore MVP award an impressive seven and eight times, respectively. After working as independent consultants for decades, Sura and Jaman founded Konabos Consulting in 2017, a Sitecore-focused agency dedicated to designing and implementing customer experience solutions of the highest caliber drawing on and furthering the Sitecore community’s best practices. Later that year, four-time Sitecore MVP Dennis Augustine joined as a Konabos Partner, and the team expanded to include Sitecore MVPs, Ken Gray, Bruce Davis-Goff, and Hugo Santos. The Konabos team is rounded out by several senior Sitecore specialists and practitioners from a range of disciplines focused on customer experience solution design, implementation, and support.

About Konabos Konabos is comprised of a highly skilled team with over 40 years of combined experience managing complex IT projects. We deliver customized web and IT solutions to ensure long-term success. We will provide organizations with the team members, resources, and training required to manage high-value digital strategies from conception to implementation.

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