SearchStax Releases a Relevance Gamechanger: SearchStudio!

Hugo Santos - Head of Search Practice

11 Aug 2020

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Ladies and gentlemen, SearchStax, which already offers a fantastic Solr-as-a-Service product, just announced a new product release: SearchStudio, and it’s a BIG shot of good news for any organization that understands the value of personalized relevance!

For those who are new to SearchStax but are used to Sitecore, here is a summary: SearchStax provides managed Solr in the cloud, empowering you to use Solr for Sitecore (compulsory) in the way you are used to, but without the hassle of having to spin up servers, install Solr instances, keeping their certificates updated, making sure you are not against the law when it comes to your Java license, and more. You just plug-and-play in your Sitecore instance, and you are ready to roll! Awesome, right?

But wait, there’s more! With the advent of SearchStudio, we’re now not only able to leverage Solr as a service but now have a whole new set of powerful search features and customer experience accelerators at our fingertips, and all this at a fair price!

SearchStudio New Features

Search Analytics

Now, with a simple bit of JavaScript on your search page, you’ll be able to easily keep track of all the search interactions your users are having with the search page. That’s useful, not just for feeding the AI so it can continuously improve the relevance of your site’s search results and content recommendations, but also when you want to identify content silos and gaps.

Solr Configuration Interface

Forget about dealing with the confusing maze of configuration files when you need to change something related to Solr! SearchStax now offers a very user-friendly interface that allows you to create facets, synonyms, spell checking, stop words, auto-suggest, and more.

Search Relevance Fine-Tuning

Oooh, that’s new! You can’t do this by simply tweaking a few configuration files in Sitecore with your old Solr solution. SearchStudio’s Relevance Fine-Tuning is a powerful CX tool that I’m glad I won’t have to architect using the old tools; it would be a nightmare, to be honest. With SearchStudio, you can now fine-tune the weight each field has on the relevance. You can even create featured results that will always perform well no matter which keywords the user submits.

Personalization and A/B Testing

Personalization and A/B Testing right in the search platform are my favourite parts of the new release. We, as Sitecore guys and gals are pretty damn used to the personalization concept. What about applying it to your search results? Yes, you read that right. You can now offer different results set for different users using the same keywords, all that based on their profile. As a bonus, you also get A/B testing to make sure your tweaking is making the relevance better and not worse. How good is this? It’s a CX Strategists' dream!

“How Can I Test It?”

Glad you asked! SearchStax is offering a personalized demo for anyone who might be interested; if that’s you (it should be) schedule a call with them and let them know Konabos sent you!

Need some help with your SearchStudio project? Konabos is one of SearchStax’s official partners, and our team has decades of experience with Sitecore. We’re here to help you succeed.

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Hugo Santos

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