Mike Edwards' Sitecore SUGCON Europe 2023 Recap

Mike Edwards - Technical Director

27 Mar 2023

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This year the SUGCON conference took place in Malaga, Spain and it was a great event! 

A big thanks to all the event organisers who made it such a wonderful event!

Live Tweets

Throughout the event I was live tweeting my notes and thoughts about each talk that I attended. Each talk was great and provided great insight into the future of Sitecore.

Below you can find a link to each of my tweet threads. Click on a tweet to see the full thread of notes and thoughts.

Let me know what you learnt from SUGCON and which talks most interested you.

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Mike Edwards

With 18 years of IT development experience, Mike has worked across government, not for profit, and commercial sectors. He has delivered large-scale multinational websites, desktop and mobile applications, and mission-critical health apps. He works closely with the client and delivery teams to ensure that projects deliver business benefits and not just a technical solution.

Mike is a nine-time Sitecore MVP and is the founder of the very popular Glass.Mapper.Sc ORM, which has over 1 million downloads.

Outside of work, Mike can be found exploring the British countryside, riding his motorbike, and learning the piano.

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