.NET Developer

Francisco Franco

Hello! I am a Fullstack Developer with ASP.NET, MSSQL, HTML, CSS, Tableau and different JavaScript libraries experience. I wear glasses because I don't C#

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During my time in Belong I worked with .NET 3.1 and SQL Server. 

During my time in Accenture I was in charge of the migration of their main internal reporting application for leaders to newer technologies, such as ASP.NET Core, React and D3, as well as helping improve the design of our project and the onboarding of new joiners in a very fast growing team. 

My previous experience in Globant served as a solid foundation to learn the good practices of programming, agile methodologies as well as the basis on how to properly relate with a client. I consider myself a very curious, detail-oriented professional, that understands and puts a great value on team-work. I am also passionate about learning languages, I am currently studying to obtain my B1 certification in German.