QA Practice Lead

Bogdan Rozmarin

I seek perfection in everything I do, and Quality Assurance gets me closer to it. Kindness and budo philosophy do help a lot, too. Fair to say, I am a strong believer that motivation comes from within, and successful projects fuel it. Creating team synergies, leading by example, and rolling up my sleeves during tough times are some of my favourite tools to play with. Exploring is part of my DNA: from helping customers discover new ways to reach success to overnight climbing experiences in the Canadian Rockies, together, we can reach all desired peaks. When work doesn't keep me entertained, you'll find me mountaineering, skiing, camping, or enjoying outdoor sports - winter is my season! And continuing my journey as a long-life Shotokan karate practitioner and instructor.


Bogdan brings over 13+ years of progressive experience in Quality Assurance and Business Process Improvement, operating in Waterfall, Agile and Hybrid environments. He has proven leadership skills, diverse industry exposure and the ability to implement leading processes and standards. Bogdan specialized in building QA teams from the ground up, focusing on overall QA efficiency. The ability to hire, mentor and deliver results are qualities that set him apart.