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30 Jun 2022

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In August of 2017 initially moved over to Canada from the UK when I came over it felt like a good time to start something fresh I had been working in the cycle space for over a decade at the time we've been speaking to a number of the members within the community about building something together something better i got together with Akshay and we started to discuss those plans you know those little conversations that we had had that's where it kicked off we you know we shared a vision we shared some values we felt that we could build something which would deliver on the types of projects that we had been working on as well the client experience is again it's like Client Experience working with family and friends right we like taking care of them you can share your mind without being scared of anyone really you have an input in everything from subscriptions we need technologies we need to look into and that's the way we act feel and that's the way we make the customer feel that's the client experience it Partnership looks like an extension of your team a partnership with Konabos I'll i think a great example would be just to tell you about American bathroom they've been with us for about three years now we've built a team that has been working with them essentially and an extension of their team they want to focus on their customers they want to focus on doing great marketing but don't want to be laden with all of the heavy lifting of setting up the digital experiences so if that team takes care of them and we've built a trusting relationship over the years one that's very personal we're partners that inside out thing that i talked about with our values it means that our company is for our customers we just feel like hopefully like one team when we work with Konabos Customer well we rarely ever refer to a customer as a customer or a client we like to think of them as external teammates or partners they're in the trenches with us they are coming to our stand-up we have some values that we talk about at Konabos it's kindness fairness and spirit of exploration but we believe you should do all of that from the inside out it means that everything starts with me and then we move out to the people who are closest to us our families and friends and our teammates that we work with I feel this is something that we have always intrinsically had between us as me Dennis as actually we like to be kind people I think it's very very important to be humans before anything else to be empathetic to your colleagues and your co-workers and to also to your customers and your clients we don't see them as being customers or clients we do see them as partners and being fair to them in the value that we deliver to them and the value that they gain from our expertise and the solutions that we deliver to keep looking for better ways to deliver a solution or extend the platform for them or to uh or to just work with them in in better ways to deliver better value.

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Konabos Inc.

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