Webinar | Why We Chose Kontent.ai as Our Enterprise Headless CMS

Konabos Inc. - Konabos

24 Nov 2023

As a company, as individuals. We have been working with enterprise content management systems for 15 years almost now. There's a lot of different things that enterprises require. Some of the things you need to look at is. What kind of market are you serving. Do you require a multi-language? Or do you only care about a single language? What kind of content are you creating? What kind of scale is that content being created at? We went for a process where, we found that a lot of our customers were outgrowing, or requiring a change from the current enterprise to content management system. And what we found is that Kontent.ai fit a lot of the criteria that we had for ourselves and also for our customers. Things that we had seen, some of these had been far exceeded. You can ask a few more questions as to the process we went through, how we got to this certain particular selection at the end.

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