Unveiling Digital Expertise: Suresh Devanan, CEO of Nishtech

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30 Aug 2023

[Music] my name is s d and I'm the founder and CEO of Nish we had a digital experience and e-commerce consultancy uh based in s what did being a cycore expert mean being an expert in cycore means like delivering the the platform in a way how the foreigners need to deliver the platform so basically it is that think about the customer and deliver the right outcome for the customer and delivering the right solution for the customer customer then you consider as ayore expert right anybody can do py in any different ways but delivering the product in a way that the customer is looking for the better outcome that's considered as a psych book everything is composable in the discussion and where they're headed what they're talking about how is that as a business owner as a CEO what is this pivot how is it affecting you and how you go out to the world with your product we are in the business of accelerating the outcomes and perfecting experience right so how can you do that by looking at the right products for the customer and finding the right platform so that we can actually implement the solution score did not really have composable options before and in the last couple years they've done that that has made it a lot easier better for the customer right to be able to have an option within site War to do this yes so do have several options where you can pick and choose from all the different options but if you know that's not the only solution you can also pick best of braid but cyer has a great options out there where we can pick and choose the right platform for the customer and based on what that means on SES thank you so much

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