Transforming Digital Operations with Composable Systems | Marc Lamothe, CMS Systems Adm at ABG

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5 Jul 2023

Note: The following is the transcription of the video produced by an automated transcription system.

[Music] Mark could you introduce yourself I'm Mark I'm with the American bat group I've been with the company for uh 13 years now I'm the CMS systems administrator when you came into American bathroom what the technology was like uh when I started out 13 years ago we had a custom CMS and we moved to the monolithic system from a custom CMS because it wasn't meeting our needs and we started transferring the website and then we started feeling debate time to market the websites time to market the I guess the deployments just any small change would sometimes take up to 30 hours and what was the thing that started to transform this there was a Tipping Point in December 219 we were out in Temecula California for uh digital transformation meeting and we were looking at we were looking at Pim systems damn systems Commerce systems and a question was asked of me by my boss's boss actually Jason he asked me if you were to do this all over again would you do it any differently and that's where this all stemmed from and I I would do it differently I would not do the same thing at the same time we were looking at content so it's a it's a nice turnout that we shifted over the content AI and so the one thing I would say we're having an event called cocktails and composable when you hear the word composable maybe take us back what did you think when you heard this at first and what do you think of that term now after you've gone through some of this transformation at first I was like well this means nothing to me like composable what does that what does that mean now now it like it's to me it's like a sound system you know so we have the best hidden system we have the best CMS we have the Best in Class damn system we have the best Commerce engine we have the best like Erp system and so now we're going ahead with all these systems every system does one thing and they do it right enough said Thank You Bart thank you lat [Music] foreign

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