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24 Jan 2024

Konabos March Madness 2024. Can you tell us a little bit about how you got the idea a couple of years ago? Two years ago, we were thinking of ideas about how we could include as many of the partners, vendors that we work with in our composable dxp commerce industry. One thing that occurred to me on the start of NCAA’s March Madness two years ago was what if we got a bracket and then we just randomly put all the logos of the partners on it, for lack of a better word, slap together partner logos. Onto this, I put it out on my own LinkedIn and it did really well. Vendors, if they see their logos on there, they will often like it, engage with it. So the way we like to think about it is that it's raising all boats of awareness for the industry. So you've got learnings from the first year. How did it do last year? 2023 was the year where we took that and we run a contest and what it came to was, All right, let's have our creative team actually make a nice bracket and then let's put the competitors in that bracket and then let's have them go against each other. Then we said, Let's use reaction to accumulate the vote very quickly. Saw unbelievable uptake from the whole industry. All of these companies and their employees are showing team spirit. People understood it was a good time and it was fun. Companies had the opportunity to say, We believe in our company and we're really looking forward to what we can do this year.

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