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26 Jul 2023

next up is best overall change project and this is special here's the list of finalists this is a pretty long one and this was by far it was it had the most submissions so our finalists sex in total are American bass group WWF in from New Zealand Mars Primark balcor and eleme um the first winner in this category really beautifully shared all of their pain all the monoliths with the judges it was a dark place no agility stock locked in all the bells and whistles and today they have an omni-channel customer experience across web and mobile and kiosks and everything the CSX deployment efficiencies four times increase in engagement and Hollywood 990 percent reduction in total cost of ownership with that now that is amazing figures but what really moved the edges was the quote of the leader who said it feels like we can finally be free to do what we need to do the winner of the best overall change projects is American vast group [Applause] [Music] s

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Konabos Inc.

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