Konabos March Madness Selection Show 2024 | "Let the Madness Begin"

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17 Mar 2024

hello everybody this is Matt mcqueeny head of relationships at kobos happy St Patrick's Day to you today is also what we would call in March Madness selection Sunday both in the NCAA and here in the konos March Madness so I'm going to go right to it first off the number one seed a company called squiz I had not heard of this company before and they are um a dxp a digital experience platform and they really brought it they had over a hundred votes uh to really cmment that first seed and they will be going up against the number 16 seed directus uh another kind of uh cloud-based platform CMS dxp is we know them uh well uh uh from the from the from the team they have marketing really uh forward-thinking organization and so that will be our first uh competition squiz versus directus in the number two seed we have CMS you'd guessed it a DM CMS company or dxp and they're going to be going up against uh cloudinary at the 15th seed uh which is essentially a dam a digital asset uh management company and platform number three we have Constructor um Constructor was interesting to me because another one I had not heard of uh and I think they're like a a search platform but they really brought it they had a lot of votes they ended up at about 46 votes um around that was CMS and again squiz had over a 100 but they went up against uh someone we know very well here at kobos score 14th seed a lot of community engagement happening there to drive that so we'll we'll look to see how that 314 matchup goes number four we saw Kento um cam jaman from kabos and myself were just in Burlington Massachusetts at partner day with Kento and the um all-in-one dxp uh the experience by Kento platform which is their sas-based um uh kind of entry into the future uh as an all-in-one standing for what they believe uh build out all the elements of the stack in a SAS hybrid headless manner they're going to be going up against number 13 in story block a headless CMS who we also know quite well so a very interesting competition there next up we have Commerce layer The Headless Commerce engine and they're going up against uh the the runner up in last year's March Madness for kobos Content AI The Headless CMS doing a lot of stuff in artificial intelligence another organization we know well uh for those that don't know content AI was actually created within Kento they used to be called content by Kento and in uh in this in the summer of of 2022 the two companies decoupled from one another and they are Standalone companies but with the same parent and investment uh company number six Ultra Commerce headless Commerce as well uh and they'll be going up against a new company I had not heard of called Cloud Canon and now I'll tell you what about Cloud Cannon they came on really strong they're a visual CMS uh platform and they actually shocked me when I was looking at the results today because they came out early four weeks ago when we when we launched this and then they were really not in the running and all a sudden I think they went from like seven votes seven votes seven votes boom upwards in the high 20 of votes so they really came on to uh assert themselves into this sweet 16 so it will be ultra Commerce against Cloud Cannon at number seven we have cia. a of course the founder s Remi uh a lot of big announcements there lately the uh digital experience orchestration platform great thought leaders uh potentially the brains of the composable stack going up against umbraco the CMS dxp out of Europe uh number eight we have kaju doai which uh is a company that em ated from the services company Tech guilds led by nav Nabil orali and they are a um digital experience composition platform doing a lot of interesting stuff and then they're going to go up against the search company search Stacks again another company kabos knows very well really good team of folks on the marketing end and uh a focused product in the search uh realm so site search application search really simple and easy to stand up a cloud uh based search solution really quickly so really excited for this run I also want to give a shout out to uh pime who I had not heard of before they were just uh on the outside looking in of this sweet 16 uh really strong coming you know really out of out of nowhere pushing the bounds here and then last year's Champion content stack were also just there they were very close so this is going to be real exciting run this year as last year was and let Let's uh let's let the compa out let's see how we do let the madness ensue

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