Konabos March Madness 2024 | Nomination Stage

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17 Jan 2024

[Music] we're going to start the cornos March Madness 2024 what's so different about this year's March Madness we're going to organize it differently our actual March Madness sweet 16 tournament is going to be very similar to last year but this year we've added two rounds in mid January we're going to launch the nomination stage this is where companies will come to a page we built on our site kos.com marmis on that page we're going to accept nominations it's Anonymous and it's just text based we're not taking information no name no email it's purely whichever companies you want to nominate for you go in there fill in the form submit in mid-February we're going to have a seating round we are going to put all the logos up tag all the companies who were nominated we're going to have a way that you can vote we will take the information of who are the top 16 in that whole group and then we're going to take those top 16 and then the amount of engagements each of those 16 have and seed it for March Madness so this time if they come out of this with the most engagements votes they're the one seed and then the 16th seed by votes engagements is the 16th seed Our Hope here is that it carries the competition very deeply into the end we'll have a show potentially each week we want in those opportunities to not only have the fun of you know go this company go this company but we could bring potentially CEOs seep leaders of product into this to be the ambassador for their companies give them a little bit of a chance to talk about what makes their platform [Music] great

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