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5 Sep 2023

so Jeff Paulson Digital Data and commerce manager for well real Rec store now formerly known as Ultra so basically just kind of manage a lot of different kind of e-commerce things but also various other pieces as well what comes to mind when you think about this composable Commerce composable DxD the first thing that comes to mind is it just goes right back to what I mentioned earlier right where eight to ten months basically right now to launch a website to me the the first thing I think of when I think a composable is Speed and Agility and giving us that agility being able to be agile I mean e-commerce is naturally very ambiguous so it's always changing there's always going to be ripples you know it's never going to stay consistent but the more agile you can be to kind of roll with those ripples is is what you gotta have right so what I think are composable that's the first thing that comes to mind to me is that Speed and Agility [Music]

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